Legal & Trademark


The ZUMBA® Trademarks are important business assets of Zumba Fitness, LLC and should be treated with a high level of care. People around the world, including our company, rely on our trademarks to identify our products and services and to distinguish them from those of our competitors. As the creators and global leaders in dance fitness programs, DVD’s, video games, clothing, and accessories, Zumba Fitness takes great pride in it’s products and programs and works relentlessly to improve its products and services. We believe that our passion for excellence is unrivaled.

If Zumba Fitness’ trademarks became “generic” in a particular area, they might cease to protect consumers and the company from knowing the source of its products and services – anyone may be able to use them without concern of a trademark infringement claim, creating confusion in the marketplace. This is because the word or symbol would no longer indicate to the public that the products or services bearing the ZUMBA® Trademarks originate from one source, namely, Zumba Fitness, LLC.

We respectfully request that you support our efforts to enforce the ZUMBA® Trademarks and take steps to use them properly and avoid confusion or potential misuse that may yield liability. If you have any questions concerning the proper use of the ZUMBA® trademarks, contact us via our support page.


The word ZUMBA® was coined by our company, and is an arbitrary or fanciful word we selected as the original brand name that identifies Zumba Fitness’ dance fitness programs and related products. The ZUMBA® brand name and related word and logo trademarks should only be used to indicate the source of our particular programs and related products and should not be used to refer to any fitness program or goods or services other than Zumba Fitness’ and its authorized licensees’ programs.


Trademark offices around the world provide our company with legal means for protecting consumers, licensees, distributors and our company from imitation and infringing or counterfeit products and programs. These rights include the exclusive right to use our trademarks in the countries where they are registered. Our registered trademarks enjoy a presumption of validity around the world. Proper use of our trademarks serves to distinguish ZUMBA® products and services from the products and services of other companies, prevents the likelihood that consumers are confused, and helps prevent damage to our marks, including, for example, tarnishment, dilution and genericization.

In the United States, ZUMBA®, ZUMBA FITNESS®, ZUMBATOMIC®, ZUMBA GOLD®, ZUMBATHON®, ZUMBAWEAR® and ZLIFE® are registered trademarks of Zumba Fitness, LLC. (Collectively, “The ZUMBA Trademarks”). We also have trademark rights in the following Zumba Fitness Brands: DITCH THE WORKOUT-JOIN THE PARTY™, ZUMBA SENTAO™, FITNESS-CONCERT™, ZIN™ and ZES™.

Zumba Fitness has filed for variations of Zumba® trademarks and logos worldwide and already owns trademark registrations in most countries, including all members of the European Community, most of North and South America, Asia and Oceania.


Only those licensed by Zumba Fitness, LLC (including current ZIN™ members) have any rights to use the ZUMBA® Trademarks. Licensees are required by contract and law to follow the guidelines in their written license agreements. ZIN™ Members can review the ZIN™ Membership & License Agreement by logging into their ZIN™ account and visiting the ZIN™ License and Support Page. We ask that our licensees and enthusiasts of the ZUMBA® program everywhere contact us immediately if they become aware of any unauthorized or improper use of the ZUMBA® Trademarks.